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medical advances

high cost medicine

  although the cost of manufacturing drugs are cheap, the cost of developing new drugs is relativly expenses which causes the cost of perscription drugs and over the counter drugs to be expensive, for alot of people they cant fill their perscription drugs because they cant afford it. 45 percent of people under the age of 65 say "they had not filled their perscription for over a year" because of how costly it is.

medical advences: medical advences improves people lifes around the world for many people they have access to new technology and opportunities including health care, vaccinations, and antibiotics but theirs also a huge amount of people around the world who dont have these opportunities and are still dealing with such diseases that they cant cure.

HIV is a common disease around the world, HIV destroys the immune system which makes it harder for the body to fight infections. even though HIV is a common global disease its most common in africa almost 69% of sub saharan african are affected with HIV are in danger of it of die of HIV ,even thought HIV is not curable at the moment their are still some treatments that can help reduce the attack of this disease,although countries in africa don't have the opportunities for this treatments because of the cost and the shortage of the treatments 



  malaria is a parasistic disease that involves high fever, shaking chills, flu-like syntoms and other syntoms. malaria kills a estimate of 1 million people each year worldwide.malaria is still common in tropical countries and continenets like africa. malaria affects the population and the economic growth of a country.  countries with economic problems need help and money in order to get this new treatments and technology thata are being provided in this era.

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